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Zippy Ki Yay, Motherfuckers

Oy vey and abracadoom.

Zipporah "Zippy" Levine
12 December 1950
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The Chronicles of Zippy Levine, Super-Librarian, Mother, and Witch

Name:Zipporah Levine, aka 'Zippy'
Occupation:Librarian with the NYPL kabbalah on the weekends
Has:Two kids, two cats; the cats are less work
Politics:Take a left at Albuquerque and keep goin'
Born:In Israel, but her parents moved to the US soon after
Height:Five foot two. Go on, make a short joke
Weight:Screw you

A somewhat expanded bio can be found here.

Zippy Levine is an original character affiliated with theatrical_muse, justprompts, couples_therapy, drawthemuse, and charloft.

Zippy's an original fictional character, albeit one influenced a bit by Bette Midler's role in The Stepford Wives, which all icons are from. She's usually pretty harmless, and nobody's making any profit off her. Don't worry yourself too much about it, kay?

Zippy is an adult woman with a long and fully-lived life; there will be adult topics brought up at times. Be ye therefore warned.

Finally: the writer for this character is not Jewish, and is doing her best to research before she writes, but there will no doubt be things that are inaccurate, though hopefully nothing disrespectful to the Jewish faith or people. I welcome corrections and criticism.